happy birthday to us!

Wow! We’ve been doing weekly meditation sits for a year (actually a little over)! We’ve helped organize two weekend meditation retreats, made a website and email list, and have some nifty articles coming your way soon!

We are celebrating by not hosting a weekly meditation on Sunday, 4/21/24, due to all of us being out of town BUT we do have something cool to share with you!

Sangha member Eileen is teaching two cycles of classes at Connected Bodywork this Spring, Bhakti Yoga and Social Dreaming! Details below:

Non-traditional Bhakti Yoga 
Presented by: Eileen “Remedy” Cheong
When: April 26th- May 31st | On alternating Fridays 5:30-7p for six weeks starting 4/26.
Cost: $25-$55 (sliding scale)
Where: Connected Bodywork, 3027 Locust St, 63103

Bhakti yoga, the art of love and compassion- this practice centers on heart releasing asanas that incorporate yin and sound to provide gentle vibrations for our muscular skeleton and nervous system. Longer postures with deep breath work and invitations to slowly vocalize sounds, offer space to engage in what my colleague calls making love to yourself as yoga. Props are available to assist for optimum comfort and attune participants with modified positions as needed.

Register Here:

Social Dreaming
Presented by Eileen “Remedy” Cheong
When: May 3, May 17, May 31 | 5:30-7p
Cost: $25-$55 (sliding scale)
Where: Connected Bodywork, 3027 Locust St, 63103

Social Dreaming is an avenue of art therapy that asks participants to go on a journey of the collective unconscious and to translate that visually. Exploring the boundaries of imagination and daydreams, guided meditation is used to bring participants to a relaxed state where they are invited to use all senses to describe what arises to this dream space. Gently transitioning in silence, art materials are offered to externalize this dreamwork with the option to share about their experience.

Register Here:

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