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  • happy birthday to us!

    Wow! We’ve been doing weekly meditation sits for a year (actually a little over)! We’ve helped organize two weekend meditation retreats, made a website and email list, and have some nifty articles coming your way soon! We are celebrating by not hosting a weekly meditation on Sunday, 4/21/24, due to all of us being out…


    Not just a cool title for a prog rock album, an actual thing that is happening at Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center, April 4 to April 9 of 2024! We had many people unable to attend the December retreat due to scheduling conflicts, lack of advance notice and the fact that all the seats filled up.…

  • Retreat Recap: Dec 2023.

    This weekend we had the honor of attending the inaugural Introduction to TWIM weekend retreat at Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center. David and Kirsten worked hard to put together a compressed curriculum covering the practice of TWIM and Forgiveness meditation, the basics of Buddhism rooted in the Pali Canon Suttas and the experience of being on…

  • No group sit dec 3rd.

    Both of the sitting group organizers are attending the TWIM mini retreat at Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center this next weekend so our next group meditation will be 9AM on Sunday, December 10th. Metta in the meantime!

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